Octavium, a leading manufacturer / distributor of comfort-increasing products for the hotel room, has recently unveiled her latest creation: ultramodern bedlights equipped with built-in USB ports and wireless functionality for charging smartphones and tablets.

The new bedlights of Octavium are designed with both style and functionality in mind and offer hotel guests a sleek and useful solution that meets their needs. These innovative lamps, available in a series of elegant designs and finishes, combine aesthetics seamlessly with technology. Thanks to the USB port in the bed lamp, users can charge their smartphones, tablets or other devices directly from their beds, so that no eye-catching ugly charging cables and adapters are needed. This function not only keeps the devices of the guests within reach, but also ensures that they are completely charged, ready to be used.

What distinguishes the bedlights from Octavium is their wireless charging option. Most Octavium lamps are supplied with an integrated wireless charging path, compatible with a wide range of Qi-compatible devices. Users can easily place their smartphones in the designated place and the device starts to charge wirelessly, while the lighting throws a warm and atmospheric glow into the room if desired.

"Octavium believes in improving the daily life of hotel guests through elegant design and innovative technology," said Thomas Berger, CEO of Octavium. "Our new bedlights reflect our dedication to deliver products that seamlessly integrate into modern hotel rooms and at the same time offer practical solutions for the digital age."
The Octavium Bedlamps are not only a functional addition to every bedroom, but also an aesthetic addition. Their contemporary designs are suitable for a variety of interior styles, making them fit into the most diverse hotel room styles.

With the introduction of these groundbreaking bedlights, Octavium is again at the forefront of hotel room innovation and transforms these rooms in the field of comfort and style. The new bedlights of Octavium with USB ports and wireless charging functionality are now available online and promise to become the new standard for the hotel room.