Van der Valk Eindhoven - Best


In the new Van der Valk Eindhoven - Best, part of our products were included.

The 176 standard rooms are equipped with an audio set with a large dual tweeter ceiling speaker.

For the Suites, an audio set with two large ceiling speakers was chosen to better distribute the sound over the space.

In addition, all rooms are equipped with a wireless QICharger For smartphone and tablet. This is neatly built into the desk of the room!


176 x set of dual tweeter

52 x set two large speakers

210 x Qi Charger office

Landgoedhotel De Bloemenbeek


Hotel De Bloemenbeek, known for his Michelin star award -winning restaurant and that it is the now permanent location is the training camp of the Dutch national team, has also chosen to upgrade their rooms with our products.

The hotel rooms are equipped with customized audio, wireless Qi loaders for the smartphone but also customized mirrors with various conceivable options such as lighting, enlarged etc.




Hotel Van der Valk Middelburg


Octavium has all 48 rooms of the new outbuilding with an audio set tailor -made with two large ceiling speakers.

Given the spacious rooms, we opted for our large ceiling speakers that ensure a nice full sound, also on low volumes!


48 x set two Large speakers new construction tower
Fortress Hotel Naarden

For the Vesting Hotel in Naarden we looked at the best audio solution per room.
Some of the rooms are equipped with fully invisible audio and our small ceiling speakers have been chosen for the other rooms.
In addition, we have also been able to provide the restaurant and meeting room with good sound.

Two types of audio
Audio in restaurant and meeting room


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