In an era where personalised guest experiences are boating, hotels around the world are constantly looking for innovative ways to surpass the expectations of their guests. By embracing the latest technology trends, the hospitality industry has found a new gem in audio in the room, radically changing the way guests enjoy their stay, and transforming hotel rooms into compelling refuge areas that are tailored to individual preferences.

One of the main advantages of audio in the room is the ability to create a sense of privacy and tranquility in the hotel room. By immering guests in their favourite sound landscape, hotels can help them escape from the outside world, promote relaxation, and provide a personal refuge that meets their emotional needs. Audio in the room improves the overall guest experience.

Beyond are the days of the alarm clock with its bad sound performance. Also, turning the TV on for some background music is clearly a thing of the past. With the in-room audio of Octavium, hotels have lifted the audio experience in the room to new heights, creating unforgettable moments for their demanding guests.

The products of Octavium are specially developed for use in hotel rooms. As a hotel, you set the maximum volume while the custom Bluetooth name and PIN code minimizes the risk of nuisance. The power consumption is minimal. The audio in the room of Octavium is typically placed out of sight, meaning that the chance of theft and vandalism is minimized, cleaning no longer needed, and the audio seamlessly integrated with the atmosphere of the room. With minimal maintenance and exceptional audio quality, the solutions of Octavium seamlessly integrate with the atmosphere of the room and fit harmoniously into the overall aesthetic.

From discreet hidden speakers embedded in walls or ceilings to fully invisible loudspeakers: hotels embrace different design approaches to ensure an inconspicuous and visually appealing lineup.

Using their own smartphone (or tablet), guests can effortlessly customize the volume, select different playlists or streaming services, and even sync audio through the room or suite. Thanks to this level of personalization, guests with one push of the button can put together the desired atmosphere, creating a unique space that connects with their preferences.

The introduction of audio technology into the room not only improves the guest experience, but also provides a significant competitive advantage for hotels. By embracing this innovative trend, establishments can distinguish themselves in a crowded market, attract technically understated travellers, and promote a strong sense of loyalty among their guests.

While the Horecasector continues to develop, it is clear that audio in the room has become a game-changer. By combining high-quality audio seamlessly with personalised experiences, hotels are shifting new boundaries in the area of guest satisfaction. Whether it is the strengthening of relaxation, the promotion of productivity or the raising of romanticism, the audio systems in the rooms of Octavium give a new form to the way we experience hotel rooms and herald a new era of hospitality that accommodates each guest's individual wishes.

Octavium has a large range of in-room audio solutions and offers a unique range of other products that give the in-room guest experience a boost.