Hotel Name guess Platform Review
Van der Valk Eindhoven Best Judith Tripadvisor What a beautiful hotel this is. The interior is beautiful with amazing details and useful gadgets.
Van der Valk Eindhoven Best Timwork Google reviews Room was fantastic and you can notice that this is a newer hotel because the hotel gives some more options in the room than similar hotels in the area. Think of (Chrome) casting to your TV, Netflix and YouTube, a built -in wireless Charger For your phone, a spacious and fairly clean bathroom and a large bed.
Van der Valk Eindhoven Best Nadine Steenberger Google reviews The rooms were clean and many extras such as, Bluetooth connection, telephone charger
Van der Valk Eindhoven Best T vd Graaff Google reviews Special hotel, the last gadgets, mirrors in bathroom very original, asset to the group.
Van der Valk Eindhoven Best Bas Eerenvelt Google reviews Neat rooms and good facilities such as Bluetooth speaker in the ceiling
Van der Valk Eindhoven Best Farah Sayeed Google reviews TV has Netflix/YouTube etc, and there is also a wireless charger for your count.
Van der Valk Eindhoven Best Marieke Hoogland Google reviews The rooms are very modern (Bluetooth speakers, lights with movement, separate WiFi in the room etc etc)
Van der Valk Eindhoven Best Dorthyswevels Google reviews A super nice hotel with the latest gadgets. In a beautiful location.
Fortress Hotel Naarden Arnold Tuinman Tripadvisor Nice touch is the presence of a built -in audio system that you can stream via Bluetooth.
Fortress Hotel Naarden Suuzzje Booking Liked · Nice quiet room coffee and tea facilities Fine terrace friendly employees good breakfast (not directly included) streaming music with bluetooth
Fortress Hotel Naarden Roland Booking Liked · Spacious rooms. Excellent bathroom and nice that you could play music via Bluetooth in your room. Then went over the boxes of the room.
Fortress Hotel Naarden Heleen Booking Liked · The spacious rooms, the comfort, the audio / with bluetooth.
Fortress Hotel Naarden Birgit Booking Liked · The beautiful room - De Bedstee De Surround Music Installation
Fortress Hotel Naarden Rob Cozzi Google reviews Design hotel with modern gadgets such as music via Bluetooth
Fortress Hotel Naarden Daniel Matthies Google reviews Every room has its own wifi and bluetooth sound system.
Van der Valk Middelburg Kim Booking Plus points · Unser Zimmer War Wunderschön - es Lohnt sich eines der Teureren Zimmer zu Nehmen. Sie Sind Sehr Hell, Super Modern und Gemütlich. Es Gibt Sogar Ein Bluetooth-Audiosystem!
Fletcher Boutique Hotel Duinoord Coen Bongers Google reviews Nice rooms with Bluetooth speakers, coffee and tea supply, delicious breakfast, nice staff. Highly recommended.
Fletcher Boutique Hotel Duinoord Niek Booking Plus points · Delicious breakfast, good beds and super atmospheric room! Nice that you can enjoy your own music in your own room by linking your phone with the Bluetooth system present.
Fletcher Boutique Hotel Duinoord Lenny Booking Plus points · Beautiful and spacious room, beautiful view. Everything we needed. Thank you for making coffee and tea. Turning sound equipment for your own music was good.
Fletcher Boutique Hotel Duinoord Cornelis Booking Plus points · The Dolby Surround system in the room simply fantastic. Often go to sleep with soothing music with the surround system, this great experience 😁
Fletcher Boutique Hotel Duinoord Arnoud-Bsarider Tripadvisor Clean and well maintained room with Bluetooth music from your bed!
Fletcher Boutique Hotel Duinoord Dagararenpaul Tripadvisor Bluetooth have rooms so that you can stream your own music. Had a great stay.
City Hub Copenhagen Nathaniel Ryll Google reviews Is very God and small. There are also leds and wireless charger
City Hub Copenhagen Francesco Dal Santo Google reviews Rooms are new and clean with all child or comfort, from led light to wireless charger for smartphones.
City Hub Copenhagen Lara Booking Liked · Love how you can control the lights and play music on the speakers with your bluetooth on your phone! Wireless Chargers on Both Sides of the Bed!
City Hub Copenhagen Laura Booking Liked · The Hubs Themselves had Great Sound Insulation and You Are Have Built in Wireless Phone Chargers.
City Hub Copenhagen Claire Booking Liked · The bed was sooooo comfortable. The location is iDeal. There's A Music Speaker and Wireless Charger In The Bedroom Wich is super cool.
City Hub Copenhagen Muhammad Booking Liked · I Liked the Layout of Hub-Compact with Comfortable Bed Care of Every Thing You I Needed in My Room Like Charger, Light Control, Penders, Gown- Everything!
City Hub Copenhagen Monk Booking Liked · Amazing Room with Great Space, USB Ports and Wireless Charger Pad by the Bed.
City Hub Copenhagen Zakaryan Booking Liked · Super modern rooms, wireless chargers next to the bed, clean rooms and bath/toilet.
City Hub Copenhagen Eleni Booking Liked · Nice Extras with speakers and chargers in the room.
City Hub Copenhagen Zamin Booking Liked · The Hub itself was very quirky, with bluetooth speakers, wireless chargers, and a very spacious and comfortable bed.
City Hub Copenhagen Elena Booking Liked · Hatte eingbaute Lautsprecher und Wireless Charger, Bademantel Wurden Zur Verfügung Stestt.
Van der Valk Apeldoorn - Cantharel Marc van Rijnd Google reviews Good hotel Perfect for music Lief Hebbers is audio installation in the bed wall for music I definitely recommend this hotel and a nice new wellness with sauna and free coffee tea water and fruit basket
Van der Valk Apeldoorn - Cantharel Linda Tijssen Google reviews Big bath in the room where you can listen to your own music through sound boxes in the room. Easy to connect through Bluetooth.
Van der Valk Apeldoorn - Cantharel Marcel Rietbergen Google reviews Spacious shower with altitude sun lamps, WiFi in the room, to play your own music on boxes in the room via Bluetooth.
Van der Valk Apeldoorn - Cantharel SEVL85 Booking Plus points · Wonderfully modern, luxurious, quiet and large room, nice bath, nice shower. Surround system with Bluetooth where you can play your own music.
Van der Valk Apeldoorn - Cantharel Syafiq Booking Plus points · My Room had this open bathroom concept + integrated bluetooth sound system. Relaxing to chill in the bath tub with the music on! Recommended.
Van der Valk Apeldoorn - Cantharel ApoorV Booking Plus points · There Were also Bluetooth speakers in the room which make the experience even more amazing.
Van der Valk Apeldoorn - Cantharel Plien2019 Tripadvisor The hotel and the room have a very nice luxury country style and the room was equipped with luxury details such as a built -in Bluetooth system so that you could play nice music.
Van der Valk Apeldoorn - Cantharel Bob Janse Tripadvisor The hotel room has a new gadget: through your smartphone/bluetooth music from the conversion of the spacious crib.
Van der Valk Apeldoorn - Cantharel Tommy V Tripadvisor Very nice hotel. Spacious room, with good bed. Via Bluetooth own music in the room.
Van der Valk Apeldoorn - Cantharel Kim S Tripadvisor  The room comfort with bath is very spacious and modern, beds are wonderful and music possibilities via Bluetooth are a beautiful plus!
Van der Valk Apeldoorn - Cantharel Saskiab Tripadvisor

Bluetooth surround in the room was a hit with daughter!

Van der Valk Gilze - Tilburg Sharinette Booking Plus points · I had booked the "Luxury Superior Room with SpaBad". The room is spacious, Bubble bath is large, the bathroom is modern. I found the Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom/bubble bath room very nice.
Van der Valk Gilze - Tilburg Sharinette Tripadvisor Beautiful and spacious room, spacious bubble bath, Bluetooth speaker so that you can enjoy your own music, while you relax in the Bubblebad.
Van der Valk Gilze - Tilburg Jill Stroo140 Tripadvisor Free WiFi that the kids thought was great, as well as the possibility of playing music in the room via Bluetooth.
Van der Valk Gilze - Tilburg Remco P Tripadvisor A large 2 -person jacuzzi, rain shower with Sunshower, bottle of bubbles, wireless telephone charger, Bluetooth sound system in the room
Van der Valk Gilze - Tilburg Manon s Tripadvisor There was now also something new that you can set up music in the entire room via Bluetooth! Awesome.
Van der Valk Gilze - Tilburg Wiljanm2016 Tripadvisor The shower was very big. And you could connect your phone via Bluetooth to boxes so that you had music in the room and bathroom.


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